Hyper Vest SXY - Black, Pink or Red

Hyper Vest SXY - Black, Pink or Red

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The Hyper Vest SXY is the first weight vest designed specifically to fit a woman's figure. This bodycontouring weight vest is a girl's best friend as it fits every shape and size with its scoop neck, stretchy performance fabric and adjustable side strings. Instead of weighing you down like a traditional, bulky weight vest, the SXY vest will tighten and tone as you round house kick your way though a cardio kickboxing class! Wear the SXY vest while running, walking, during yoga and pilates or group fitness classes and you'll burn more calories, trim down and tone up. Have you hit a training plateau? Add on the SXY vest during regular workouts to boost your heart rate and kick start your metabolism while firing up muscles in a whole new way. Every SXY vest comes loaded with 5 lbs., and 2 lb. booster packs are available for purchase.

The Hyper Vest SXY has redefined the way women look at weight vests, introducing a new category to fitness apparel�weight vest chic. The SXY vest is available in three fun and flirty colors, pink, floral red and stealth black. This vest will add more than weight to your workout, a pop of color and slimming design will get you noticed for your style and strength in the gym.

The SXY vest is available in sizes small, medium and large. The max weight load for the small is 8 lbs., medium 8.5 lbs., and large 13 lbs.

Hyper Vest SXY Max Weight Load:

  • Medium- 8.5 lbs.
  • Large- 13 lbs.

Vest Care Instructions

To clean the Hyper Vest FIT or SXY, first remove the weights, wash in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Do not drag, drop or throw the weight vests onto the floor.  Dragging or dropping will cause the weights to wear and rub on the fabric, which leads to fraying and break down. Hang up the vests after a workout, treat them like a nice jacket and your vest will stay in great condition!

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